We define biostimulants to be natural products that improve crop and fruit production and or quality in a natural way. The products can be beneficial microorganisms, plant extracts, or extracts of organic materials, natural minerals or sediments, or finely milled rocks, or combinations of the named materials. These substances are formulated in different ways that their shelf life is guaranteed to be minimum two years at ambient conditions.

Our biostimulants were scientifically tested, and recommendations are given on basis of test results. The aim is to vitalize plants, to stimulate root and plant growth, to increase tolerance of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses, to improve natural processes in plants for more efficient nutrient uptake, and to improve crop quality. All this, in general as a combination of various effects, will result in improved crop production or soil productivity, or in improved use efficiency of farming inputs.

With the exception of a few, our products are approved for use in organic farming (FiBL approval); They can  of course be used in conventional farming. The products are either applied to soil, roots, seed, tuber, or to foliage of plants and crops, after dilution in water. 



Main uses of products:

RHIZO-MIC AGRO, RHIZO-MIC AGRO PLUS, BACTOLiVE® AGRO are used for soil drench, and application to soil surfaces. Of these, RHIZO-MIC AGRO PLUS is approved for organic farming.

BACTOLiVE® AZO, BACTOLiVE® LEGUME, BACTOLiVE® M-S-S-C, BACTOLiVE® SEED, BACTOLiVE® TUBER are used for dressing of generative seed (grains) or vegetative seed (tubers/bulbs). All products are approved for organic/biological farming.

COMCAT®, DYNOCARP® and MICRONUTRIENT MIX are mainly used for foliar application to crops. In a few cases, COMCAT® and DYNOCARB® are also applied as seed treatments. All products are approved for organic farming.